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Book collector edition.

Do you know what I HATE?

When the start of a series is released in PAPERBACK and then the following/later books are HARDCOVER. It throws off the entire collection!

I am currently reading “Scorch Trials”, the second book from the Maze Runner series. Both of these books are paperback, but the remaining two books are hardcover! It annoys me so much. STICK TO ONE OF THEM PEOPLE.

other offenders:

  • The Hunger Games (thankfully, they have THG in Hardcover as well so it was an easy fix)
  • the Divergent series
  • The Twilight Saga (again, they had both and now the others were eventually released in PB)
  • Percy Jackson (which I havent read)
  • The Uglies series

does anybody understand my frustration, or am I just insane?

Posted on December 21st at 12:05 PM
Tagged as: books. the maze runner. the hunger games. Divergent. The Uglies. keep scrolling.
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