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Anonymous said: i don't know why Britney Spears is considered the princess of pop, i think it's just unfair. i mean, she's VERY famous and successful, but she doesn't even write her own songs and she lip-syncs ): what kind of artist would deserve that title?

She undeniably made legend status and she was humble enough to keep that title inthe industry. She DOES write some of her songs, but typically she chooses the ones other people write and yes, she lip syncs most of the time, but not always and she NEVER denied that. So many artists do it today and pretend like they don’t. I’m not saying that that is okay, I don’t like lip-syncing either. How she got that title to begin with? She’sbeautiful, controversial, popular, sweet, she can dance (this is not up for debate, she CAN dance), she can sing and she KNOWS pop music and what people want. She is all of the things pop music are in one package. The thing that cemented her as ‘pop princess’ is that she’s memorable. She doesn’t have to try hard to make a lasting impression through tacky gimmicks. She made an impression that lasts even after her “it factor” subsided. Like Michael or Madonna, even when she’s not in the best eye ofthe public, people love her and they love to hate her. Even if you DISLIKE Britney, you know who she is. Little kids still recognize the name, and in today’s pop world, the artists are so temporary. I’m not saying there aren’t artists more talented than her, because that has always been apparent. I’m just saying that something in her star power and in herpersonality that caused people to fall in love with her. Google ‘Britney Spears awards’ and you will see just how giant her reign is. She makes people feel happy or sexy or they identify with her comeback story, any way you look at it, she touched people in a massive way and they responded. People that love her and people that hate her GAVE her that title, and I can’t think of a person in music today that fits it better (and I’m a P!nk fan first and foremost)image

Posted on December 7th at 10:49 AM
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