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Okay, so I’ve heard from different people at different times that Sam Clafflin, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are FAT…how delusional has our society become?

Seriously, point to ONE fat area on them besides their wallets. No wonder people hate themselves. Jen, Sam and Josh have fit and strong bodies. 
I think people need some serious help.
(and no, this isnt referring to any of you in particular, it’s people I know, in the tabloids, etc) 

Posted on December 1st at 9:36 AM
Tagged as: sam claflin. jennifer lawrence. josh hutcherson. health. fat. wtf.
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  5. nehemia-was-themockingjay answered: That people have a image of the normal actors and it be”perfect”but to Josh,Sam&Jenn its different they have to train and have a good diet
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  9. forevermymockingjay answered: WHO. SAID. THIS? I WILL KILL THEM!
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  21. frikkin-liz answered: You’re totally right! What’s the matter with someone which seems HEALTHY? We’ll all destined to become skeletons, in this society D:!
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