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Anonymous said: hey, can you help me? Pink is my favorite singer of all time, and i'm going to talk about her for a school lesson. for me her genre is pop-rock but there are some songs that i dont know what genre is exactly. One foot wrong, I got money now, Conversations with my 13 year old self, Stupid girls, Eventually, Dear diary, Respect, My vietnam, Lonely girl, Gone to California. they don't sound too pop/rock to me. what are the genres of these songs? thanks! :DDDD

you have good taste!One foot wrong would definitely classify as Pop/Rock to me. The others are more alternative. Songs like Just Like a Pill, Who Knew, How come You’re Not Here, Don’t Let Me Get me etc, those are closer to pop rock. It’s edgier pop music. Songs like Try are mid-tempo ballads, but with the rock instruments and attitude, I would classify that as Pop/Rock as well. When an artist is put under a genre, it’s generalizing, so not ALL of their songs will fit, just MOST.

Posted on December 1st at 9:12 AM
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