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I CANT. Firstly, they have this fake katniss creeping around the entire time and occasionally firing an arrow at some guy’s head…and these are what kind of things they talked about:

  • One of the first things they mentioned was that there is a huge love triangle.
  • They compared Jennifer’s acting to Kristen Stewart’s

    (not hating on Kristen, i actually like her so back off)
  • They talk about Twilight a lot. Don’t they know not to compare by now?
  • "Gale is Katniss Everdeen’s best friend, hunting partner and MAIN LOVE INTEREST

  • They compared THG to 50 SHADES OF GREY omg.
  • they said love triangle a billion times and they only see Gale as a chunk of meat and Peeta’s rival
  • they literally just said “Sure he(Josh) is a little bit short, and when you put him up against Liam Hemsworth, who’s not going to think that he is a little less hunky?”

at least I have a $7 DVD with some live interviews of the cast and some photos and an occasional good laugh

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Posted on November 28th at 4:16 PM
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