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peetasbunmyoven said: Thank you baby! And hey this ho did not delete that story. It was a present to Sammy so it was submitted and when she deleted it went with her. So there. Ho. hehe (I have it saved on a word doc I am sure) ;)

imageblaming others i see, I’m afraid Ho status is cemented until this is rectified with the saluting Godzilla gif attached and you will deal imageilu

Joshtober Appreciation Month: These are some of my favorite fanfics of Josh by some of my favorite authorsimageThe Pitch II- by peetasbunmyoven [see also Lizards and Longing ]
Lose Me- by youarebeingridiculous [see also Vegas Baby, Vegas!]
Hustle- by @burlesonspride [see also Walk of Shame]
and there are so many more great ones by the people above and memoriesinatrunk (jenoshmellark) starsmahogany and joshmopolitan and I was never meaning to read any of them and I hate you allimage

your cruelty knows no bounds! imagesome of my absolute least favorite drawings that I’ve done have shown up out of the blue and I’m in physical agony from seeing them again!!image
I kid, i kid, I am flattered you guys.Thank you for your constant love and support.  Maybe one day I’ll redraw some ‘classics’ for you and make them betterimage

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